Format Hardcover
Publication Date 06/07/16
ISBN 9781681771380
Trim Size / Pages in / 400

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The Edge of the Fall

A Novel

Kate Williams

From New York Times bestselling author Kate Williams, the new novel in The Storms of War trilogy finds young Celia de Witt embracing the Roaring Twenties in postwar London.

In the aftermath of the Great War, the De Witt family is struggling to piece together the shattered fragments of their lives.

Rudolf and his wife Verena, still reeling from the loss of their second son, don't know how to function in the post-war world. Stoneythorpe Hall has become an empty shell with no servants to ensure its upkeep.

Celia, the de Witt's youngest daughter, is still desperate to spread her wings and see more of the world. To escape Stoneythorpe and the painful secrets that lie there, she moves to London and embraces life and love in the Roaring Twenties.

Kate Williams is the author of the New York Times bestseller Becoming Queen Victoria, which was the inspiration for the Academy Award-winning film The Young Victoria, starring Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. She is also the author of Ambition & Desire, a biography of Josephine Bonaparte. Kate works as CNN's British royalty and historical expert. She lives in England.

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Endorsements & Reviews

"Imbued with a sharp awareness of the devastating effects of war in any era, Williams' novel presents sympathetic characters who transcend history." Kirkus Reviews
"Williams is a writer of powers much greater than the soap-opera variety of Downton Abbey, with a knack for creating sympathetic characters and flawless dialogue. She captures the era perfectly. Meticulous attention to detail and wonderful characterization. Williams is certainly a writer to watch." Historical Novels Review
"Takes readers to second-century Britannia more effectively than a traditional chronicle and serves as a guide to destinations in modern Britain. Roman history and British history readers will relish this entertaining study of Britannia; travel fans will find this unusual take on the genre appealing as well." Library Journal
"Those who enjoyed the naughty Lyttons in Penny Vincenzi’s Spoils of Time trilogy, and Cynthia Harrod-Eagles’ addictive 35-volume Morland Dynasty, may find this story diverting." Booklist
"Definitely a must read for all. For fans of Downtown Abbey, this is indeed a read that you won’t want to miss. Williams’ talent shines throughout her historical novel." San Francisco Book Review
"This subtle and moving historical fiction focuses on women’s changing roles in postwar periods." Foreword Reviews