Format Hardcover
Publication Date 06/06/23
ISBN 9781639364374
Trim Size / Pages 6 x 9 in / 336

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Writing with Style

The Economist Guide

Lane Greene

A brand-new edition of this classic guide on how to write with style—from The Economist's language columnist, Lane Greene.

This new edition of Writing with Style offers fresh, up-to-date insight into the principles and tools we can all deploy when it comes to expressing ourselves better when we write. The book's leaner, cleaner structure ranges widely—from grammar and punctuation to using numbers and how to edit. Economist language columnist Lane Greene also tackles some of the key linguistic issues we face today, like balancing plain speech with sensitivity, and knowing when to use jargon.

The result is a clear guide to making the most of the written word: conversational but authoritative; accessible yet comprehensive—with its ideas always presented with clarity and style.

Lane Greene is a language columnist and foreign correspondent at The Economist. Past assignments for the magazine have included culture, business, energy, the environment, and American politics. In 2017, he won the journalism award from the Linguistic Society of America. He is the author of You Are What You Speak (Delacorte) and is based in Madrid.

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Praise for Lane Greene:
"One of my favorite writers on language.” Steven Pinker
"Enjoyable, informative and persuasive.” The Irish Times
"Open-minded and discerning. Greene is hard to argue with.” The Spectator